Our Mission
We Allow Nature To Take It's Course

The Tree of Life Rodent Control company mission is to offer a poison-free alternative to rat poison, which is devastating our eco-system and can cause harm to our children.

We offer a environmentally friendly and efficient way to rid your property or business of rats without the need of harmful poisons. Our main focus is excluding rats from structures by sealing every possible entry point, and trapping them with time-tested, effective rodent traps.

By efficiently sealing rodents out of the structure, which is a specialized service we offer, the rodents will not be able to enter your living spaces, and allow our wildlife to do what nature intended them to do, which is to hunt to survive. This technique will allow our hawks, snakes, owls, mountain lions etc… to thrive.

Let’s give our children the gift of a poison-free environment and a beautiful wildlife to enjoy for years to come.

Our Services

Tree of Life Rodent Control experts conducts an in person interview with the property owner to address needs and/or concerns regarding rodent concerns.


Once the needs of the property owner have been addressed, a thorough inspection of property is performed to determine the issues that are leading to the rodent infestation.


Upon determining the access points on the property where rodents are entering the structure, a detailed action plan to seal all access points is executed, and a humane trapping plan is put into effect.


Educating the homeowner how to prevent rodents from invading their home is an important part of maintaining a rodent free property. Removing trapped rodents back into their natural habitat will then allow nature to do what it does naturally, and without using rat poisons that are devastating our local wildlife.


We Allow Nature To Do What It Does Best

  • Client consultation to understand rodent infestation issues
  • Examine the property with a trained eye to address rodent access points
  • Determine a specialized strategy to seal entry points
  • Use non-poisonous, humane, proven trap techniques


Our Services Include: Barn Owl Boxes, Raptor Poles, Attic Clean-ups, Insulation Removal and Installation, Rat Droppings Clean-Ups and Sanitation, Sub Area Clean-ups, Consultations.

“I’m so grateful that a friend recommended Wilmar and his team to eradicate the infestation of rats in my home.  His understanding of how houses are constructed and knowledge about the pests’ behavior has restored my home to me.  But most importantly, he has a regard for nature and took care of my problem without poisons to keep my home and family safe and also to keep the beautiful creatures in my woods safe as well.  I highly recommend this company.  Their expertise and integrity are evident in their work.” – Laura


Wilmar at Tree of Life did a great, but not an easy job for us. We live in a condominium complex across the street from undeveloped some land. A great location to be infested by rodents form both neighbors and nature.  his team to eradicate the infestation of rats in my home.  When we called Wilmar, he tackled those rats from nature. He and his son Will, set traps and cages until the last one was caught. He closed all the exterior openings we were not aware of. He and his son Will set traps until the last one was caught. This took persistence on both parts. After the last one was caught, he turned to those entering our house from our neighbors. Small unseen holes between our condominium and our adjoining neighbors were pathways for the rats to enter our place. Wilmar closed up the holes where the rats might hide and secured our unit from neighboring rats. It was a long process, but Wilmar stayed after it and his cheerful and bright personality made the infestation bearable. I would highly recommend Wilmar should find rodents where you live.” – Murry


“Wilmar at tree of Life has been amazing. We had him come out and he did a complete inspection of our property and identified access points that we didn’t even know existed. He spent the day cleaning, sanitizing, removing nests and then sealing all access points. Wilmar has a construction background – so the exclusion is done correctly. He gives you options for removal, absolutely no poisons, and also builds owl boxes. And his price is beyond reasonable.” – Diana Mullen




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